Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Think about us here, in our creative playpen…

We poked heads up over daily projects to survey our B to B customers earlier this year. Clients rewarded us with some insightful responses. In our 2016 Client Marketing Survey we scored a proverbial 30,000’ view of client priorities. Thank you for helping us focus! How do their priorities compare with yours?
Top 5 Business to Business Marketing Priorities

2016 Client Marketing Priorities

Top 5 client marketing priorities:
  • #1 & #2 (tied): Sales Leads & Better Client Communications (73%)
  • #3: Website Design & Functionality (64%)
  • #4: Building Market Awareness (46%)
  • #5: Improving Brand (36%)
Proceeding down the marketing priorities list:
  • Customer Education, More Social Media, Website hosting & management issues, keeping projects on track (~25%)
  • Learning what does/doesn’t work, getting more outside/inside marketing help (18%)
Lowest marketing priorities:
  • Addressing concerns about “Not messing up a good thing” (9%)
  • Keeping up with customer demand (0%) Not on any client’s radar.
Then, we drilled down to discover where clients may be looking for help…

Where Clients Need Help in 2016
  • Advertising - All want creative and content help (100%), but not everyone is looking for planning and management assistance (20%)
  • Website - Almost all (88%) are looking for website design help, followed closely (62%) by 3 other ongoing website-related priorities that include: adding site functionality, content, and SEO.
  • Branding - A third (33%) want help in all areas of logo design & branding, including how they apply their brand in the form of Logo Use Manuals, and unifying their brand across multiple channels.
  • Brochureware - Who says print is dead among business to business agency clients? Half (50%) will be looking for design & creative help. A third (33%) feel they need help with content and production.
  • Direct Marketing, print and/or digital - Half (50% will be needing assistance in all areas of direct marketing, including sign, content, production.
  • SEO - A third (33%) want help in all areas of Search Engine Optimizing, including creative, content and ongoing management.
  • PR - (75%) seek writing, imaging and distribution help.
  • Trade Shows - Less than 20% (18%) completed this question, but those who did acknowledged they needed help in booth design and booth production.
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