Thursday, May 12, 2016

Short Cuts to a Great Website - Video notes worth sharing.

"Short Cuts To A Great Website" graphic animation video has been developed by EJW Associates for managers tasked with renewing or redoing a web presence. Time-strapped, budget-minded, multi-tasking executives will get a concise (~6 min.) overview covering the essentials of website planning, development & maintenance. Certainly, those are important, but the video also addresses branding considerations with marketing notes.
Short Cuts to a great website video

Self promoting interjections are minimal, even informational for viewers looking to outsource website production - part or parcel. On balance, target audience viewers will be presented with bullet-outline format advice on Strategy, Information Architecture, Design, & Building a website. Plan to pause frequently for screen capture, take notes, or share to help with your team's quest for website success.

Spoiler alert: There are no shortcuts, but the video breaks down development and marketing tasks into manageable milestones.