Friday, August 28, 2009

EJW Associates Inc - Executive Summary 08-28-09

Business Description: EJW Associates Inc is a creative marketing services agency. We provide professional services that include: marketing consulting, website design, development and hosting, search optimizing and search marketing, advertising campaign creative and media management, direct marketing campaigns, creative design and writing, in addition to public relations services, corporate identity design, brochure design and production.

We cater to small to medium sized businesses with a combination of boutique creative agency services, marketing savvy, in house website development & hosting.

Additionally, to help clients with an outside perspective, EJW is a founding member of OLI (Outside Looking In), an ad hoc group of marketing specialists who help clients work the right path in their quest for marketing success. OLI sessions typically pay for themselves by revealing both potential marketing pitfalls and opportunities for improved marketing ROI.

Company Background: EJW Associates was founded in 1982 to help industrial and technology (business to business, or B to B) marketers increase both sales and profits with cost-effective advertising and public relations programs. The company has always been self-sustaining, chiefly by creative projects that meet or exceed ROI expectations while enhancing client brand.

With a track record of over a hundred marketing services clients and many more projects. It is not uncommon for EJW to serve as a client's de facto marketing department, picking up any on-going or temporary slack in client resources.

EJW Associates marketing agency services founder, Emil Walcek was previously employed as an artist and graphic designer, producing storyboards and commercial art in a creative group, and later, as a creative director and pre-press manager at a commercial lithographic printer. Prior to founding EJW Associates he filled a newly created advertising manager position at a scientific instrument manufacturer where he planned and implemented marketing communications programs that contributed to a tripling of sales within a 6 year tenure.

Among his early innovations and the entrepreneurial basis for EJW Associates was the development and implementation of a system for custom client databases for targeting news release distribution to an up-to-date list of niche-market, trade and business press editors.

Based on client demand, the agency's offerings were expanded to include complementary marketing communication services. EJW was an early adopter of desktop publishing for both design and production of advertising and brochure projects. Advent of the Internet led EJW into website design and ever more sophisticated shopping cart, eCommerce, and site admin systems, complete with custom website hosting services.

Problem/Solution: Businesses selling to other businesses have historically been under-served by independent marketing services firms. Ironically, small to mid-size manufacturers, professional services, and technology companies who stand to gain the most from an outside, experienced, professional marketing agency services are the most insulated from them for a variety of reasons. Conversely (except in lean times) most marketing services firms shun marketing-challenged startups and small companies that cannot meet minimum marketing spending levels, or commit to time-based contracts.

It is not uncommon for B to B managers to harbor misconceptions and distrust of outsiders. Multi-tasking client-side executives are loath to take on added training of agency team members, or added cost-of-sales. Aversion to outside help can outweigh even glaring internal marketing inadequacies that might include wasteful or inefficient marketing spending. The result is "I know half my marketing dollars are wasted, I just don't know which half!" the oft-quoted C-level executive lament.

On the other side of the desk, most agencies are unwilling, or are not set up to accommodate non-retail, niche market clients with glass-half-empty marketing budgets and multi-focused managers.

In many ways, this conundrum is a self-fulfilling prophecy. In lieu of a strategic partner, freelancers fulfill the niche-marketer's requirements for outside expertise on a tactical level. This short-circuits any strategic benefit to be gained from more professional marketing expertise. In this environment, marketing becomes a crap shoot with the odds stacked against the B to B marketer resigned to marketing inefficiency. In this way, unserved or under-served clients can deflect any failures to the vagaries of marketing, and not due to any lack of expertise or experience.

EJW Associates addresses the special requirements of a small to medium B to B marketer on a number of levels. First, the agency is right-sized to profitably provide all of the marketing services a niche marketer may require with terms that make sense for companies selling into unique markets.

We help clients deal with today's media choices, including setup and maintaining SEO, and Search Marketing (aka: search engine "click", or "adwords") campaigns to ensure best cost per click return on invested dollar.

We do not apply minimum spending limits, or restrict clients on how they purchase professional agency services. Accounts may be set up on an as-needed project, retainer, or hourly basis. Each have their pros and cons which we will be happy to review.

Planning>Strategy>Execution. EJW helps clients save money, increase program effectiveness and increase ROI from their marketing spend at any point in the marketing cycle, from planning, to project budgeting for maximum return on investment, through to individual project development and execution.

Our clients deal with seasoned professionals at EJW who have walked in their shoes and have negotiated many of their same issues. It is in our blood to provide customers with a single source for knowledgeable, creative, yet practical and cost-effective business marketing solutions.

If a client is lacking special marketing expertise, or requires services to supplement in-house capabilities, EJW can help.

Technologies/Special Know-how: As is evident in our agency history, EJW has flourished by judicious adoption of technology to a degree not commonly found in creative or marketing service agencies. Specialization in B to B client solutions over the years has reinforced our focus on the essentials of good marketing, saving time, money and boosting end-product results.

Search marketing (pay per click advertising programs) has changed lead generation accountability forever. A client's prospects who don't click didn’t like it, didn’t see it, or didn’t think the offer relevant. EJW provides Search Marketing Program management that is 100% accountable, optimized for lowest cost per click and results in maximum conversion rates.

Over and above website design, we offer in-house development services for eCommerce and interactive websites. Basic websites require ongoing search engine optimizing and search marketing to drive traffic. We also offer website analytics to help marketers track conversions, and fine-tune visitor experiences.

EJW manages our own Shared Website Hosting Server, and provides Dedicated Managed Website Hosting Servers for select clients, designing data backup and system redundancies that have resulted in 5-9's uptime performance averages.

While EJW is unique in providing the degree of in-house expertise required for successful marketing in the 21st century, every service we offer supports our core business: providing effective, creative, successful marketing solutions.