Thursday, July 9, 2015

DYI Market Research - Tips for making it pay
As with all things digital, the tools for marketing research and marketing surveys are easy. Expertise for ensuring productive results is harder to come by for b to b marketers. First red flag, be careful what you ask to avoid rabbit holes that waste time, effort, and lead to dead ends. You will be caught like a deer in headlights with too much survey information. So will customers facing a too-complicated survey. Focus before beginning any survey! Ruthlessly winnow survey questions to get fewer answers that can have more impact.
Market Research Surveys can help marketers reduce risks, improve customer service, successfully develop new product or services, and gain new customer sales. Help formulating a survey strategy that includes defining a goal, questions, sample size and analysis will ensure an actionable result. For more information: EJW Associates Marketing Consulting Services and special OLI Marketing Consulting Offer.

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